Holiday Interview Part 1 - Andrea



What is your holiday party style?

Classic with a twist.  I love pairing vintage pieces with contemporary. In particular my mother's kilt and MacLaughlin kilt pin. I have a strong affinity for my Scottish heritage and love to honor that any chance I get. 

Weirdest holiday tradition? 

I don't know that it's weird but my parents always allowed us to open one gift on Christmas Eve and that was always so exciting. We carry that on with our son too. 

Savory or Sweet? 

Savory. Hands down. You might sway me with some Creme Brûlée though.

Wrapping style?

All over the place. Love me some brown paper and twine, but classic cheesy cartoon reindeer are also in order. 

Favorite Christmas Carol? 

Carol of the Bells. It gives me chills every time. 

Favorite Christmas movie? 

Thats really tough. So many! A Christmas Story, Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Nightmare Before Christmas.  I really can't pick one! 

Favorite part about the holiday season?

I love the two sides of this season. The parties and festivities and energy, and the snuggling up low key and playing cards or dice. Common elements being family and friends.


30 year throw back with my fabulous parents!