At Work in the Studio - New Spring/Summer Seasonal Line

We love throwing parties and social gatherings with our loved ones. And we love making these gathering feel thoughtful and special, to reflect our appreciation and joy in experiencing these moments together. Sending beautiful invitations, adding small details throughout the tablescape and setting, and completing the circle with note cards, all lend to a full experience for guests. Sometimes it is the little details that leave an emotional impression. We wanted to create a line that made it easy for others to create lasting memories with their loved ones, whether it was for a life event they were celebrating or simply an excuse to come together and enjoy good company. 

Out of this has come our limited edition seasonal line which we will be launching in June 2015. Available in sets of 5, they will include invitations, gift/place cards, and note cards. Also available will be additional artisan pieces that compliment the set. Each will be hand crafted using techniques including block printing, watercolor, and letterpress. To add to the fun, we get to play with the ever talented ladies of Lives Styled to showcase the new line featuring their impeccable styling!

We are hard at work in the studio creating the premier Spring/Summer edition and are excited to share them with you come June. We'll also be sharing snippets of our in studio process along the way so stay tune!

*Andrea & Ashley