Invitations for Keeps

At a time when we are ever conscious of the waste we create and our impact on the planet, what place have invitations and handwritten correspondence that so often ends up in the trash?

I think back to one of my favorite books, Frog and Toad Are Friends, by Arnold Lobel, and how much receiving a letter from his friend meant to Toad, even though he sees him on a regular basis and even though the letter itself was uncomplicated and straightforward. **Those so inclined can catch a claymation version from 1985 (serious throwback) visit here and move along to minute 13:30 for The Letter.

The emotional reaction and feeling of connection one gets from receiving a thoughtful note (no matter how brief) is lifting. It shows an intention and level of importance that is not conveyed through electronic means. It can be personalized and adorned to add elements of fun and further the interaction. Sea glass from a recent trip. A charm that reminded them of you. A small doodle or photo. A special stamp.

Along with custom stationery, the invitations we make for each client are created specifically for them or for that special occasion. Illustrations and artwork are never recycled from one to another. Always from scratch. It allows us to capture a moment in their lives and create a token of that time.

Some wedding invitations are an opportunity to create a lasting piece that not only captures a memory, but continues to be enjoyed in the homes of friends and loved ones for years to come. We love to hear the excitement in our clients' voice when they find that their guests have framed the watercolor prints from their invitation suite.

Written correspondence is dwindling in today's digital world, and there are many easy and even beautiful options out there for e-cards. But the impression and emotion that accompanies thoughtful tangible stationery, with all its color, texture, and depth, remains unmatched.