The Photoshoot

Problem. Ashley and I realized we had only a handful of photographs together. For two people that spend such enormous amounts of time together, in a world full of people capturing images with their phones, that seemed ridiculous. So we decided to do something about it. 

We enlisted our friend Brenna of Brenna Thering Photography  and set to work creating a backdrop that reflected our esthetic.   

In our setting we wanted to combine vintage and contemporary pieces to create a fresh yet timeless feeling. An antique throw from Ashley's mom, love seat from my mother, painting by Jim Loveless, and various found items (like the scissors ashley is so lovingly holding), set into this deep green room, created an easy harmony between masculine and feminine, structured and relaxed. Themes that we often see juxtaposed in our design and artwork. Whether it is combining our signature watercolor jackets with letterpress insets or wrapping metal banding over lace, we love how seeming opposites compliment each other in visually interesting ways. WE ALSO BRAVED THE COLD, TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE BEAUTIFUL LANDSCAPE, another frequent theme in much of our work. and of course, a very regal luna pup, upstaging us all!

This shoot was a chance for us to get silly (very easy for us) and have some beautiful images captured. Here is a look at the fun we had!