1. Consultation

After looking through our past custom work and perusing our studio photos, fill out our form below and get in touch so we can get to know you and what you're dreaming of! We'll sit down with you and chat, ask questions, and envision something truly beautiful together. 

  2. Estimate, Contract, & Deposit

We'll take everything we've learned about your event vision and needs and create a detailed estimate. Review and choose your options, send us your signed contract and deposit, and we're off to creating!

3. Design Creation

After research, site visits, and further inspiration gathering, we will create your custom artisan design. Sketching, painting, and illustrating our way to your perfect vision. You give us feedback on the creations and we make any tweaks needed along the way. When every element is perfect and you give us the official go ahead, we'll be ready to print and press!

4. Printing and Assembly

After your official approval and depending on your design, we will use various methods to print your pieces. In house, we love using our Chandler & Price and Kelsey letterpresses to create beautiful textured prints, and also offer digital printing. If you are more into screen printing, foil, or engraving, we have friends who will help us execute your design! 

If you have chosen to have us assemble and address (because you have enough on your plate!) we'll package each invitation with finesse and get them to post for you. If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, we will carefully pack up your pieces and ship them directly to you to enjoy and send!

5. Sit Back and Enjoy

Because now you get to hear all the excitement from family and friends who have received your invitations. And we do apologize if a few respond by email and refuse to return the RSVP as they prefer to keep the whole gosh darn beautiful set together (its become a bit of an issue)!

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Since we are starting from scratch, help us get to know your needs and vision better by checking off all the items that make up your dream wedding!
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Let us know what you are planning to spend on your invitations (not including day-of paper). Wedding suites start at $1200.